Are handjobs boring or underrated? And which would you prefer to give a guy a handjob or a blowjob?

Both =)

Do you do skype chats or custom videos

No sorry we aren’t doing any adult videos we are retired

Do you every think about your sister while you are masturbating?

Uh no

Do you ever kiss eachother

No, not in that way. Sorry.

Do u make custom videos

No sorry we aren’t making any sort of adult videos at this time.

Ms. Love and Ms. Love, I think I am experiencing addiction with porn; although I reckon the only way out, generic yet true, is to stop the habit and do something else filling (no pun intended), but a person only has so much strength in holding her/himself together. Would you lovely ladies be so kind to share some words to a lost boy like me?

I don’t know that I believe in an addition to porn. I asked my sister what she thought and she agreed. If you find it’s all you are doing, then what you probably have isn’t an addition to porn, but a lack of other interesting things going on in your life. Everything in moderation, even sex. =)

have you and you two ever done anything sexual between just the two of you

No. Although it is probably one of our most commonly asked questions. =)

Do you have an official website?

Yes. It’s

What is the hottest woman you or your sister have ever had strictly lesbian sex with?

That’s a really hard question to answer. Hottest is so subjective. I guess maybe Tory Lane would be the answer to that one.

Are you twins fans of anal?

In our personal lives yes. My sister Lyndsey has never done it on camera but I have in our movie from called The Love Twins XXX Home Movies